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Unified Communications
as a service to
simplify your Business

Improve your customer service, sales and
team collaboration


Telephony Platform as a Service

UnifyMe is a single cloud-based communications platform, tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses. We are focused to improve the productivity, efficiency, and collaboration in your team. With UnifyMe you connect your business to the world, increase your team productivity and benefit from advanced enterprise-grade functionalities on affordable price.

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You’re in a good company


A reliable platform, available in 205 countries

No matter your location or device, you can start benefiting from UnifyMe instantly.
The only unified communications solution, which is easy to use and self-managed. 
We empower your team by making it faster and more agile. 
Get in touch with the world in a simple and affordable way.


Simplify your Business Communications

Unify all your business communications in a single platform.
Save time and money for your team, while increasing the customers’ satisfaction and sales.
Communicate faster and more efficiently.
Bring transparency to your business and for your teams.


Available on any device

IP phone and complex PBX systems are already outdated and in the past.
Empower your team with a modern communication tool available from every location and device.
Transform your smartphone into a powerful phone central to run your business in a better way.