5+1 ways in which UnifyMe Cloud Communications are improving your Customer Relationship

Customer service is a key activity for every small and medium business

The good customer service is something which makes you close to your customers, helps to increase their satisfaction and retention. But it also gives you a competitive advantage from big enterprises. Just because you have a professional and personal attitude to each and every customer. Because you are caring and understand their problems and concerns.

Cloud communications and Unified Communications services are changing the way in which businesses are communicating with their customer

They optimize the customer experience and help you enter the digital age.

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Effective communication requires powerful tools

UnifyMe is helping to stay closer to your customers!

At UnifyMe we have built our cloud communication solution with the main target to help small and medium enterprises to be more competitive, agile, efficient and to build a long-term relationship with their customers. Because we love our customers just as much as you are passionate for your business and customers, in this article we will summarize 5 ways in which Cloud Communication solutions like UnifyMe will improve your customer relationship.

And because we believe we always need to do more and help you more, we have a bonus advice! Continue reading and be sure you are doing the best for your customers.

Be always there for your customers

Customers today expect to be able to get in touch with you in every moment and through every channel. In the past the most popular method in which customers were connecting companies was the phone. And if the company is out of working hours, the customer needed to wait till the next day or until Monday. UnifyMe is helping you to be always available. We provide and easy click to call solution and omni-channel chat. No matter the hour or the day your customers will be able to reach you.

No more stuck in the office

We live in a global world. Employees today prefer to work from home or various locations. Which can affect their productivity and leave you understaffed… unless you have implemented an advanced cloud communication solution. With UnifyMe your team can work and collaborate from any location and device. We turn every smartphone into a powerful phone central. And your employees can do their best to provide a great customer experience even from their home, where they are more relaxed and productive.

On-demand customer data

A good cloud communication solution supports integrations with your CRM and and business intelligence systems. What we strive to achieve at UnifyMe is to help your customer support staff to have a full visibility over all data for the customer during a phone call or chat. In this way we ensure there will be no misunderstandings or lack of information to prevent your colleagues to do their best when serving a customer.

A well-organized and collaborative team

UnifyMe cloud communications platform as a service is helping your company to build a collaborative culture and environment. We are focused to increase the efficiency and put your colleagues closer to each other. But… we are focused also to improve the collaboration between you and the customers. UnifyMe helps you to create open communication channels and thus to accelerate the decision making for a purchase of your customers. By making it easier for the customers to address their concerns and resolve their concerns, we help you to increase the sales and shorten the sales cycles.

In short words: UnifyMe is helping you to increase your revenue!

Bonus: Cost reduction

Using a cloud communication platform is dramatically decreasing your costs. No more upfront investments in hardware or desk phones, no spending for IT services and no more huge bills for telephony. UnifyMe is providing you with an affordable service, which will fit your budget and help you to cut costs.

In addition to this you can save money of your customers also by providing them with a click to call opportunities. Just use our advanced functionalities for improving the customer experience and allow your customers to contact you in an affordable and easy way.

Are you ready to jump in the cloud communications?

Get in touch with us and we will make the first step together!

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