Cloud Comms 2018 insights: The Rise of API platforms

Cloud Communications trends insights 2018

After having attended the Cloud Comms 2018 event organized by the Cavell Group and with the assistance of the main global communications players.
They were exhibitions and round tables discussing the latest trends and cases of use in communications in the cloud.


In my opinion, I see two different groups competing in the same market.
On the one hand, the traditional TELCO vendors: Ribbon, Centile, Broadsoft, Fuze, making a great effort to turn their companies into a more cloud and software model at the same time with a their legacy solutions.

As new players, fresher, faster and more agile, CPaaS providers: Twilio, Nexmo, Bandwidth, Sinch, Plivo ...

The communications have been "the Achilles heel" compared to the evolution of the software. The market was dominated by corporations and it was very difficult to access it.
Finally, after several years of market control, the entry of Twilio and other CPaaS have contributed to that market Telco outdated and dominated by dinosaurs.
This has been positive and apart from "breaking the chains", they have forced other companies to adapt to this new direction.
Vonage Communications was very successful in acquiring Nexmo, on the one hand, strengthening Vonage with a fresh CPaaS company based on API and, at the same time, providing Nexmo with a network infrastructure already deployed for years by Vonage. Master play? Time will tell.

Other companies, such as Cisco, have gone "easy, but very expensive" by acquiring Broadsoft, which made many other corporations cry, which had Broadsof in their acquisition plans to update their portfolios.
The case of the merger of Genband with Sonus to become Ribbon, was a positive decision, which on the way have also created a brand and new concept. Although "behind the scenes" are still the same, over time, Ribbon and its platform Kandy, it's a nice initiative.

Q Advisors, a well-known international consultancy specializing in the Telco sector, made a very interesting presentation on a study of the international market of Telecommunications and its players.


According to them, starting in 2018 will be intensifying the purchases of companies or startups with proposals for communications in the cloud, be it UcaaS, CPaaS, Contact Center or other platforms.
Undoubtedly, there is a part of the market that is waiting for the best moment to acquire a company with the most current technology and thus update and improve its portfolio.

One thing is clear, the telco market is changing drastically, therefore, it is difficult to predict the evolution of it, because although there is a trend, the cloud communications market is beginning to evolve at a very fast pace. In this process, many companies with antiquated proposals will disappear.

It's a much more drastic change than the evolution from TDM to Digital.

From the perspective of UnifyMe, startup of UcaaS based on CPaaS, they are good news. The game's rules are changing.

I am not surprised that Amazon, Google and Microsoft (MS have less faith, but who knows) end up entering the telecommunications market, whether buying a player or launching their own platform.
Telecommunications have always been information, now however, the delivery of them are changing and becoming more accessible.

We are living "The Rise of the APIs", and with the entry of the CPaaS, the circle is finally closed.
I can not wait to see how the cloud telecommunications market evolves along with the software and iots.

Thanks to Cavell Group for organizing the event. Next year I will repeat;)



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