Global communication and collaboration trends for SMBs: Agility through cloud innovations

The way the business communicates nowadays is evolving. From letters in a bottle and mail pigeons, mankind naturally came to emails and chat.
Improving business communication and collaboration is a natural part of the technological development.


The technology actually enables the world to use innovative solutions to communication problems.

The Internet allows information to pass in seconds from one user to another. Companies of all sizes need their communication solution to make the interaction between colleagues and in the company itself easier and quicker. Effective communication is essential to the success and growth of any business.

A trip through the history of online communication

To track recent trends in online communications, we need to go back in history when major technology companies such as IBM had to use external, local telephony providers to get all the calls before they reached IBM offices.

The first system, which can be related to the concept of an online communications solution, is called POET and was developed by IBM. It allowed all employees in the company to easily use voice mail, fax, and paging from a single place. Does this sound similar to the today's concept for Unified Communications – all communications channels into a single platform?


Innovations in

old times

People always have had a natural way to communicate!

The increasing business needs led the world to innovation in the communications channels. At these times IBM paves the way for the development of a software that every modern company needed.

The fastest-growing communication technologies and trends

An example of one of the fastest-growing communications trends was also the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  This technology allowed organizations to reduce their call costs even at a great distance nu just using the Internet. The VOIP users also managed to improve their mobility and speed thanks to the voice communications.

With the transformation from analog to digital and cloud communications and all the innovations in this market segment, cloud communications are becoming more and more useful. They now bear the name Unified Communications Solutions (UCaaS). The “Unified” keyword stands behind their ability to unify all communication needs a company can have. The word “unify” express also their ability to be used from all sorts of business. The communications are integrated, in favor of the successful business processes.


Be part of the innovation

Make your team more productive!

Real-time and mutli-channel communications run the today's business

Todays’ business processes can be separated into two types: real-time (chat, telephony / VoIP, video conferencing) and static communications (voicemail, email, fax. etc.). Unified Communications solutions cover the two types of processes with one software that is easy to use by employees in the company and allows fast navigation between different ways of communication.

The cloud-based communications platforms like UnifyMe provide useful features to solve communication pains and bring you efficiency and happines to your team

  • All communication channels built-in into a single product to cut  costs and save time
  • Powerful tool to build a strong connection with your team and customers
  • Engaging collaboration with remote employees
  • Easy management of departments and branches
  • High user engagement
  • Increased efficiency and productivity



The secret behind a successful business - collaboration, communication and great team spirit

Globally, most of the successful businesses use such specialized software. Unified communications and collaborations platform are becoming tools that are fundamental to the processes of work in some departments. The daily duties of your team can be tied to such products. For example, all departments that need to make direct contact with customers and partners on a daily basis - sales, technical support, offices, etc.


From a financial point of view, companies have the opportunity to use resources for all their communication while investing in a single product.

This will have a great impact on your budget and you will be able to save money that can be invested in other areas. The greater security that the cloud communications deliver is due to the way they have been developed. That is why when you choose a cloud communications solution, you need to be sure it is using the latest and most secured technologies.

Cloud communication and collaboration tools - exceptional growth and value

According to the recently released Global Unified Communication and Collaboration Market research for 2016-2020, the usage of such kind of solutions will grow with 12.3% until 2020. The reason for this is that more and more companies will rely on software that combines both day-to-day business communication and collaboration into a single platform. Another reason is the desire of businesses to reduce their communication costs.

In today’s competitive market, work efficiency and time savings from day-to-day communications can distinguish you from competitors. UnifyMe can respond to your needs in a modern and reliable way. Do not skip the chance to take this benefit!
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