The end of the service providers as we know them now (old school ones)

After attending the Twilio's  event in London September 2017. I have no doubt.
The future of Telco service operators as we know them will change drastically.
Following Twilio's success in making its large cPaaS platform and its "super network" accessible, I see local telecoms operators as mere infrastructure providers for Twilio and their fellows.

After my 16 years of experience in the world of telecommunications, this is the biggest breakthrough I've seen to date.
In my opinion, telecommunications, given by its "old school players" was a market with little evolution.
However, since the emergence of SaaS business models, software in general has advanced a lot in a short time.

Now, at last, from the hand of Twilio, the telecommunications market has been put at the same level as the software. Leaving behind astronomical hardware costs as well as little accessible to a startup.

Since the emergence of Twilio and other cPaaS, a startup, can compete is its product and service to a large telco. And even more so, since the traditional Telco business consists in reselling the products that other manufacturers develop: Microsoft, Cisco, Mitel, Avaya and other dinosaurs.

Unlike a few years ago, the technology has become accessible both in price and in knowledge. Without the need to have a team of the most expert engineers. They are these cPaaS like Twilio, that put all the best infrastructure and great experts to do something until now difficult in easy.

We will have to wait a few years until the managers of large companies in Europe decide to migrate their obsolete telecommunications systems, difficult to manage and integrate for the new concept of global telecommunications that Twilio and others propose.

Even myself, with little knowledge of software, I started to "play" with Twilio's API, something that until recently would have seemed impossible for me.

For our part, the UnifyMe team,  are very excited to offer an alternative of Unified communications as a service (UcaaS). Capable of integrating with any platform, service in more than 100 countries and the ability of our customers to adapt the platform to their needs. 
In addition to having a stability of 99.999% and great reliability in the services.


I look forward to seeing in the coming months that we are able to achieve "Building Blocks".

Albert Colls