The Evolution of Desktop phone, Cloud Communications are here.

Remember the old times, when you were sitting at your desk and pushing buttons on the desk phone, struggling to reach a customer or a colleague?

Or you are still in these ages?


How to be competitive, effective and cut costs?
Unified Communications, collaboration and cloud telephony.

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Software based

Unified Communications

People prefer to use a single device to cover all their requirements– business and personal. All communications channels are now unified in your smartphone. This enables you to be mobile and reachable no matter your physical location


No matter if you are a small business or an enterprise agility and cost savings should be among your key targets.

Pay for what you use, not per user!

  The opportunity for companies to have predictable flat-free pricing only for the features they need and use makes it more convenient for accounting since consolidated bill is provided.

And if you are up to date and keep pace with modern technologies, you probably have already researched several cloud communications options.

The cloud-based communication services offer a wide range of benefits for the businesses and the most important one for managers is related to cost saving. Here is how integrating this type of solution will help your business when we talk about numbers: 


Are your business communications solution based on software?

- The reduction of the operational costs is one of the most important things that companies gain. Since the company does not have to invest in on site infrastructure there are savings in energy bills and there is no need to find space for on-site communications and to manage and support the connections by yourself.

- Since there is a global lack of engineers and technicians, these means that companies that have adopted a Unified Communications Solution or a Cloud Communications software, do not need to have a person responsible for the maintaining of the company communications on the spot. Instead such people in the company can focus their energy and time on something that can lead to increase of the profit and agility.

 Instead of looking how to save money, try to think on how to evolve as a business in order to optimize your processes and expenses.


Are you fast enough?

The flexibility that cloud communications provide can be quite an advantage for the business

 Numbers are important, but not the only one advantage of adopting a cloud communications solution.

In a recent survey, 77% of respondents said that a cloud communications business model enables the company to support a mobile workforce. It is true that we live in the digital era. Even SMBs nowadays are located in different regions and have remote workers as part of their team. In this situation, being able to connect and collaborate is vital for your business success. Cloud communications give you and your team faster access to advanced features and capabilities and eliminate the hassle of integrating software from multiple vendors. SMBs achieve predictability, scalability and last but not least – reliability.

If you still have not included the Cloud Communications as part of your Technology Evolution Roadmap, now it is just about time to contact us. Work smarter, not harder with UnifyMe!

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