Startup: Body & Soul

After founding several startups I want to share my life experience with you. And maybe help other people who are in a similar way to mine.

In my own experience, I would like to divide into two essential parts of a startup that should be taken into account.

Startup: Body / Soul

Like life itself, we are a duality, mind / body, a startup is also a duality. I myself in the past and many other startups that I have seen so far, only took into account the most material part (body).

I differentiate these two parts in the following way:

1. Body:
a) Market
b) Momentum
c) Expertise / Team
d) Alliances / Clients / Resources
e) Metrics

Each of these variables could have a value of 1 to 10 to simplify it.
This makes an average, in some cases this is taken into account.

2. Soul
a) Vision
b) Values
c) Mission
d) Culture
e) Resistance

Obviously we can add more dual variables. At the moment I prefer to focus on the following.

A balance between the body and soul of the startup in all its facets, will make this a possible success.

We must be clear that wealth is not only money. If, in addition to having a business vision, we focus it at the same time with a social form, we will contribute a good to progress and to people.

The founders of startups must give an emotional and spiritual sense as well as material.

If the team of a Startup is only motivated by material ambition: Money, fame, success ... it will be difficult for it to be able to resist the journey, or at least this, it can not be very long.

If, in addition to material ambition, a social goal is also pursued, with values and a unique vision. At that time you get a higher force. That is why some Startups have managed to get very far, even if they obtained many NOs in the journey.

For this reason, I invite every entrepreneur and investor to ask if your decisions are also influenced by vision, emotions, mission, culture.

Those who do not, are more subject to entropy.

And for those people who already take into account the "soul" elements of Startup, contact UnifyMe, it will be a pleasure to exchange experiences and points of view.

Albert Colls