Unified Communications based on cPaaS

Unified communications has so far been the "Achilles heel" of service providers and manufacturers.
Unlike as a service software, unified communications as a service (UcaaS) have not been able to evolve at the same time because given the complexity and great costs in infrastructures this market has been only for a few.
A startup had neither the resources nor the capacity to develop a global unified communications platform.

With the emergence of the communications platform as a service (cPaaS) led by Twilio has liberalized the communications market, making it accessible to any startup.

Through several API's, cPaaS delivers all of its technological solutions to its partners (software companies)

In the same way that cloud services (data centers) helped companies deliver global, scalable and robust services, cPaaS providers are doing the same with cloud communications services.

This new paradigm of telecommunications together with new technologies in software development have allowed UnifyMe to aspire to become a reference in unified communications as a service (UCaaS).

A secure platform, global in more than 100 countries without hardware, from any device and always in constant evolution.

I am very excited to see in a few years of what we have been able to and how technology has evolved.

CPaaS have made technology very inaccessible and unmanageable, accessible to any organization. Its pace of evolution and incorporation of new technologies is overwhelming.

It is a great moment of expansion and evolution, the cPaaS have allowed at last the time of the communications.

Albert Colls
Founder UnifyMe