Which CPaaS choose and why UnifyMe Chose Twilio

CpaaS for customer engagement 

The models of service providers in telecommunications have changed and evolved into software companies.


Companies must adapt their businesses to these new cPaaS models.
With this, they will obtain an agility never seen in addition to a large number of tools and technologies that allow them to be more competitive, have greater traceability, better customer service and at the same time cost reduction compared to outdated Operators models.

The first important step for companies' decision markers is to migrate their current systems, platforms, operations to software-based cPaaS platforms.

However, choosing the right cPaaS provider is an important decision and one that should be taken into account.

The Unifyme team, we did a research in the market, evaluating from our perspective different cPaaS for our Unified communications as a service product (UCaaS).

The first of these cPaaS providers was www.Twilio.com (Jeff & Friends), they started developing a SuperNetwork to send SMS through an API.
Even today, many companies still see CPaaS providers as SMS sending platforms.

You have to see these new models with a medium and long-term perspective.

One of the main advantages in migrating to CPaaS platforms and in this case Twilio, the market leader in vision and technology.

Every once in a while, Twilio launches new technologies with many possibilities.
However, a part of the market seems not to want to see the potential that this has and continue to see Twilio as a platform for sending SMS and double authentication.

There are other companies that have followed Twilio's path: Sinch, Nexmo, Plivo, Bandwidth, Tropo, etc.
Since these companies have entered the market later, their roadmap is far from reaching Twilo in technology. Thus, its value proposition is positioned more in price than in excellence.

So we have a company called Twilio, constantly breaching the ice, creating new roads and others in return, following in their footsteps and offering the first technologies that Twilio launched at cheaper prices.

UnifyMe we did not choose Twilio for the price, it is not the cheapest CPaaS, however, if we want to have the certainty of having a supplier that provides us with the most pioneering technology, it is the right choice.

Being the # 1 in something is not easy, you are the one who has to innovate more and at the same time you have several competitors, imitating your achievements and the expectation of your failures.

However, without a doubt, Twilio is the clear choice of UnifyMe and any company that pursues excellence in innovation and quality of service.

Not only that, Twilio's vision, ethics and culture have also made us fall in love.

At the beginning of knowing Twilio's "ask your developer" approach, I thought I was wrong or it was not the most efficient option.
Now that we know Twilio more thoroughly, we see it clearly. The vision and mission of the company continues to revolutionize communications and make them accessible to all.

If Twilio "can not wait for product to build with his platform", UnifyMe can not wait for new technology to launch that makes the difference as they are doing.

Albert Colls