Why American Small Business Is Still Using Landlines?

More than 30% of American Small and Medium Enterprises are still using landlines. Phones are incredibly important part of the business communication, but does it really make sense to continue paying upfront enormous amount of money and keeping the landline?

Landlines - the legacy way of “communication” for SMBs

Why do you need a llandline for your businessm, when you carry your smartphone around with you everywhere you go?

Why do you need a llandline for your businessm, when you carry your smartphone around with you everywhere you go?

Whether you are in the office, on a trip, on your yoga course, or sitting home watching television on your couch, you always have the device within arm's reach.

Yes, it is this simple!

Have you ever wondered, why you keep the landline for your business when your entire personal life and communication are in the digital age?

According to the US Small Business Administration, there are nearly 30 million small businesses in the United States employing 47.8 percent of US workers. For them there are two global trends nowadays:

  • a shift to VoIP services

  • a shift to Unified Communications solutions

If you’re a small business owner, or you’re considering starting one, you need to have a reliable communications tool to use with your team and customers.

Here are some facts, which can be useful for you.

The cost of the transition to VOIP

The transition to VoIP solutions usually implies upfront investments in phones, network, and services. And of course, having a skillful IT expert to take care of your phone central. Тhe statistics show that the average cost of an IP PBX system for a business with 1-20 employees is $16,867. Far away from what a small or medium enterprise can afford. This investment, together with the complexity is a barrier for small businesses to make the shift. Worse, it can reflect into negative ROI, unhappy team and internal issues.

You do not imagine your whole day stuck to the desk and phone, right?

Making a shift to Unified Communications for SMBs

On the contrary, making the shift to Unified Communications is easy and simple. It does not require investments, or special knowledge or IT skill. More and more companies are finding the cloud telephony and Unified Communications solutions as an appealing option to cover their business communication needs. Moreover, the employees inside these companies said that they feel the difference and their team is more productive and happier. 67% of employees believe the top business issues resolved with cloud communications is handling phone calls, managing messages, and chat (63%), making remote workers part of the team and facilitating their work (57%).

Are Unified Communications affordable solution for every business

Getting a UCaaS solution for your business provides you with great flexibility and new opportunities. But buying it from the big enterprise vendors is not something, which can fit to the needs of SMBs.

UnifyMe is making the shift to cloud communications affordable for every business. With us, you do not need to make any investments or buy hardware or devices. We provide you the easiest and most affordable solution with which you can evolve your communications to the cloud.

Without any hardware or third-party costs your business can have a powerful enterprise-grade solution. Moreover, you get the pay as you go model and pay only for what you use. Achieve cost savings and improved efficiency in the business communications.


88% of employees are convinced Unified Communication solution can help in their daily work

88% of employees are convinced that the Unified Communications can offer a significant or business value if the company owner or manager decides to implement it. This is explained with three major factors:

  • functionality - far away more features than the standard landline. It is easier for the employees to be more productive and do their job in a better way.

  • cost saving -  you pay for what you use. No monthly contracts and fees. And moreover - no limitations for the employees, which are complaining their managers often tell “This solution is too expensive to purchase it for the whole team.”

  • mobility - you can communicate with each person from every location. On a reasonable price.

UnifyMe - Disrupting the market of Cloud Communications for SMBs

UnifyMe is disrupting the traditional market, by providing a Unified Communication solution, which is user-friendly, efficient, tailored to the needs of SMBs and affordable.

Each person, every location, each device.png

In fact, the only things you need to use UnfiyMe are a mobile phone and internet connection. The statistic shows that cell phone calls are dropping each year globally by 10%. With the arrival of 5G, the market is switching to use mobile data to make calls. The future of your business communication is offering you ease of use, mobility, and simplicity.

Convert more customers and have a happier team with UnifyMe

In addition, the smooth business communication, empowered by UnifyMe is helping you to convert more customers. It is proven that calls convert better than online inquiries. The customers are more engaged and your business has a greater opportunity to understand the customers’ needs and propose the best solution for them. When speaking to a customer on the phone you can qualify and sell at a lower cost per sale.

Unleash the power of innovations

UnifyMe unleashes the power of a new API Service providers with a product ready to use for small business. Everything you need into a single solution - simplicity, scalability, exceptional UX, options to separate business from personal life and many more.

The power of integrating multiple technologies and communication channels


A key benefit of UnifyMe is that you can integrate all your communication channels into a single solution. Thus increasing the productivity and improving the connection with the customers. In today’s tech-heavy world, businesses don’t just use one method to communicate. You need to make a combination of all available channels, with correspond to your target customers and take the benefit if all of them. And this is what we will give you!

Be part of the evolution and use your smartphone or desktop as a powerful communications tool.

Ensure the best for your SMB and focus on your core activities, by having the reliability for your communications.

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