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Cloud-based Unified
Communications as Service

Increase the efficiency, connect remote teams, and establish relationships!

UnifyMe is entirely cloud-bases unified communications tool. We provide you with reliable and affordable software available from every location and device. Easy to deploy, no hardware needed and no complexity.

Saves you time and improves your business.

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All communications services in single Self-Managed platform

UnifyMe allows you to combine communication through different channels in the same multiplatform tool. All the communication needs that a company has under a single web admin portal for maximum convenience.

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Omni channel chat to
improve the efficiency

A secured and entirely cloud-based UCaaS platform, integrating all business
communications channels in a single solution. Manage your communication from
WeChat, Linkedin, Slack, Telegram, Line and much more from a single place. 

UnifyMe is designed to make your communications simpler and to saves your time.

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Transforms your device into a powerful Unified communications a as a service tool

To start using UnifyMe is easy – you just need a phone or a laptop.
All your business communication data is accessible and securely stored in a single place.
Full insight of your communication and
collaboration processes thanks to sophisticated analytics features.

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